Zelina Vega Looks Back On 'Missed Opportunity' Of WWE Backlash 2023

Zelina Vega discusses her 2023 WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico women's title match against Rhea Ripley. During "The Bump," Vega discussed how the 2023 Backlash bout seemed like a missed chance due to the Puerto Rican crowd's support.

"It feels like a missed opportunity, it feels like that should've been the rocket, that should've been the moment that I continued and went on to continue to fight Rhea," Vega stated in response.  

I was so focused on the task at hand that everything seemed to be in its place, but then everything slipped out of my grasp.  

Whenever I think about Zelina, I can't help but feel like we are always missing the mark. It's a constant struggle for me to get something, even if it's just a little bit of something.  

Despite the fact that I am always salivating over the title, I am always put in this position where it is so close but yet so far, and that was another issue, once the draft took place, as it was so close but yet so far.  

While she continued to underline how her title battle in Puerto Rico should have been her moment, she also expressed her frustration over the fact that she had constantly been close to attaining  


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