Companion Flowers for Vegetables to Grow in Containers

A veggie garden and container flowers are likely. This year, try the best veggie companion flowers.  

1. Mix Companion Flowers With Vegetable

Did you know containers can grow various vegetables? It may surprise you to blend flowers and veggies in the same pots. Many of your favourite ornamentals make good vegetable companions.

Beautiful flowers and excellent vegetables in one container—a fantastic match. Flowers beautify veggie pots. Additionally, the blossoms attract pollinators for many veggies.  

2. How to Plant Flowers and Vegetables in Container

Fill pots with potting mix, which holds just the correct amount of water, and place them in at least 6 hours of sun. Avoid poorly drained garden soil.  

Harvest vegetable and flower transplants or straight sow seeds after the last frost. Before planting, apply a slow-release fertiliser to the top 2 inches of soil. Fertile soil helps vegetables grow.  

3. How to Design Flower and Vegetable Container

Flowers and veggies mix eternally. Flowers should thrive in veggie season and conditions. Plants should be similar in size to avoid dominance.  

Of course, you can buy any flowering plant you like. Start filling your containers with attractive and tasty plants!


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