You are a puzzle ninja if you can find the lamp in the desert in 7 seconds!

The photo above shows a desert scene.The foreground shows tourists riding camels, while the background shows pyramids.  

The task for today is to locate a lamp in the desert. In seven seconds, can you solve it? This task will evaluate your visual acuity.  

If you look closely at the image, you may be able to see the lamp. The people who are best at observing others will locate the lamp in the desert the quickest.  

Have you managed to see it? Act quickly, as time is running out. Before the time runs out, concentrate on the image once more.  

How many of you were successful in locating the secret lamp? Congratulations to all of the readers who finished the challenge in the allotted time.  

You guys are very talented artists. Let's now examine the answer on the above of the slide.  

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