Watch Your Flowers for a Diana Fritillary Butterfly 

Native Butterfly Weed Care

Check out the ultimate guide to growing milkweed plants for monarch butterflies. 

Is Butterfly Weed a Type of Milkweed?

Butterfly weed is milkweed. This natural milkweed is recommended by the Monarch Joint Venture for north-east, midwest, and south-east gardeners. 

Benefits of Growing Butterfly Weed

Gardners would add this plant for obvious reasons. Blooming perennial attracts pollinators. Its orange blooms last all summer and are popular in cut flower gardens and dried flower arrangements.

Does Butterfly Weed Attract Pollinators?

Adding this plant to a garden will likely increase pollinator presence. Native butterfly weed attracts beneficial bugs! It hosts monarch butterflies as a butterfly milkweed.  

Butterfly Weed Cultivars to Grow

There are many native butterfly weed planting options. It comes as seeds, bare milkweed roots, or gallon-sized live plants.  

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