Top 8 Water Wise Plants That Will Thrive in a Dry Spell 

The scented, drought-tolerant herbaceous perennial lavender with silvery foliage. It grows in sunny, dry, well-draining gardens in full light.  


Dry weather favors sedums, or stonecrops. Different groundcovers and perennials vary in shape, size, and color. Sedums flourish in rock gardens, pots, and poor soil.  


Yarrow features bright flowers and fern-like foliage and is drought-tolerant. It grows nicely in full sun and well-draining soil in xeriscaping or naturalizing meadows.  


Hardy perennial Russian sage with lavender-blue blossoms and silvery-gray leaves. Deer, pests, and drought don't trouble it in hot, dry areas. Russian sage improves perennials and sunny borders.  

Russian Sage  

Succulent dry American agaves. Once planted, they look fantastic and need little water. Rock gardens, deserts, and containers suit agaves.  


Penstemons, or beardtongues, are drought-tolerant perennials with tubular flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They are vibrant and need full light and well-draining soil.   


Beautiful tasty salvias blossom. Many drought-tolerant salvias feed pollinators. Choose landscape sizes and colors.  


Butterfly bush or wandflower A drought-tolerant perennial, Gaura has delicate, wind-swaying flowers. It likes borders, mixed plants, and full light and well-draining soil.  


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