Top 8 Fast Growing Shrubs for Instant Curb Appeal 

Forsythia is loved for its golden spring flowers before the leaves appear. This deciduous shrub quickly fills fence and foundation gaps.  


Lilacs' fragrant purple, pink, white, or blue spring flowers are attractive. Perfect for privacy screens or vertical interest, these deciduous shrubs grow swiftly and reach incredible heights.  


A deciduous shrub, Rose of Sharon blooms pink, purple, blue, or white in late summer to fall. Its rapid growth to 8–12 feet makes it a spectacular landscape feature.  

Rose of Sharon 

Evergreen shrubs Weigelas are loved for their tubular pink, red, or white flowers and foliage. Their quick growth and color enhance borders, hedges, and foundation plantings.  


Spireas are fast-growing deciduous shrubs with delicate foliage and spring or summer white, pink, or red blooms. They thrive in various soil types and are ideal for mass plantings or mixed borders.  


Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs with huge blue, pink, purple, or white flowers. Hydrangeas like 'Annabelle' and 'Limelight' grow quickly and impact the landscape.  


The evergreen fragrant tea olive is known for its fall and winter delicious flowers. Its rapid growth to 10–20 feet makes it a garden standout.  

Fragrant Tea Olive 

Beautiful foliage and spring clusters of white or pink blossoms characterize deciduous or evergreen viburnums. They grow quickly and make fantastic hedges, screens, and specimens.  


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