Top 7 Sunny Sunflower Varieties to Grow 

This cultivar has dark-centered, big golden-yellow blooms. 'Sunrich Gold' sunflowers are pollen-free and ideal for cut flower bouquets.  

'Sunrich Gold' 

Autumn Beauty sunflowers include golden-yellow, bronze, and burgundy blossoms. Every flower in the combination is different, giving the garden variety.  

'Autumn Beauty' 

'Velvet Queen' sunflowers give drama to any garden with their deep, velvety red petals and black cores. Planting it in mass makes it stand out.  

'Velvet Queen' 

Lemon Queen' sunflowers with dark cores and beautiful lemon-yellow petals. An beautiful choice for borders or containers, this sunflower type is more fragile than others.  

'Lemon Queen' 

Known for its astonishing size, 'Mammoth Russian' sunflowers can reach 12 inches in diameter and 8 to 12 feet tall. Traditional golden petals with dark centers.  

'Mammoth Russian' 

Creamy yellow petals with pink and crimson streaks distinguish 'Strawberry Blonde' sunflowers. This lovely variety gives the garden whimsy and romanticism.  

'Strawberry Blonde' 

Dwarf 'Teddy Bear' sunflowers grow 18–24 inches tall. Small, fluffy blossoms with golden-yellow petals and dark centers resemble teddy bear heads.  

'Teddy Bear' 

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