Top 10 Vines to Grow for Hummingbird

Hummingbirds in your garden are fun! Here are the top 10 vines that attract these little, bright birds. 

This vine's trumpet-shaped blossoms attract hummingbirds with their vibrant color and abundant nectar.  

Trumpet Vine  

Coral honeysuckle attracts hummingbirds with its tubular red or orange blossoms.  

Coral Honeysuckle   

Hummingbirds love scarlet runner bean plants for their tasty beans and red blooms.  

Red-runner bean   

Bell-shaped clematis might attract hummingbirds to your yard.  


This vine attracts hummingbirds with its huge, spectacular red, pink, and white blossoms.  


Hummingbirds appreciate Cape honeysuckle's tubular orange or red blossoms from South Africa.  

The Cape Honeysuckle   

Cardinal climber attracts hummingbirds with its vivid red trumpet-shaped blooms.  

Cardinal Climber   

Hummingbirds love star-shaped red, pink, or white blooms on delicate, fern-like leaves.  

Cypress Vine  

Besides their exquisite blossoms, passionflowers produce nectar for hummingbirds.  


Hummingbirds like trumpet-shaped morning glory flowers.  

Good morning   


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