Top 10 Old Fashioned Flowers for Your Garden 

Vintage flowers bring nostalgia and beauty to any garden. Here are 10 old-fashioned flowers that add character to your garden: 

For millennia, roses have been treasured for their beauty and scent. David Austin roses and heirloom roses like 'Old Blush' and 'Madame Isaac Pereire' convey a traditional garden feel.  

Rose varieties  

These huge, fragrant flowers have been adored for generations. 'Sarah Bernhardt' and 'Festiva Maxima' are typical old-fashioned garden varieties.  

Paionia spp.  

Lilacs are classic old-fashioned flowers with their sweet scent and delicate blooms. Popular varieties include 'Sensation' and 'Katherine Havemeyer'.  


Hollyhocks give vertical interest to the garden with their brilliant spikes. Find heirlooms like 'Chater's Double' or 'Majorette Mix'.  

Alcea spp. hollyhocks  

Cottage gardeners love these spectacular blue, purple, pink, and white flower spires. 'Pacific Giants' and 'Black Knight' are classics.  


Foxgloves' long spikes of tubular blooms give the yard an untamed look. Popular varieties include 'Foxy', 'Excelsior Hybrid', and Digitalis purpurea.  


Sweet peas have delicate fragrances and gorgeous blossoms. Traditional cultivars like 'Cupani' and 'Painted Lady' are beautiful and fragrant.  

Lathyrus odoratus  

The delicious scent and delicate beauty of these bell-shaped flowers make them popular. They suit shaded garden areas.  

Valley Lily  

The spurred blooms and delicate foliage of columbines are famous. Traditional cultivars like 'McKana's Giants' and 'Nora Barlow' attract pollinators and come in many colors.  


Plant bachelor's buttons (Centaurea cyanus), cosmos, zinnias, and nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus) for a vivid and nostalgic show.  

Traditional Annual Mix  


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