Top 10 Fragrant Flowers for Floral Scent Lovers

Follow your nose while choosing yard plants! To fill your garden with fragrance, these are our favourite flowers.  

Flowering Tobacco 


Wood flowering tobacco suits night gardens. Late in the day, its jasmine-like scent is strongest. Rich, damp, well-draining soil with pink, lavender, yellow, white, red, or green blossoms suits it.

Four O’Clock


The name “beauty of the night” comes from this fragrant flower that emerges in late afternoon and stays that way all night. In April, don't disturb the soil since four-o'clocks reseed.  



Sweet-scented blossoms and glossy leaves make jasmine popular. At 10 feet or more, this climbing container plant has pink blooms that unfold into fragrant white flowers.



Gardeners love lavender's compact habit, silvery-green foliage, stunning blooms, and calming scent. Mid-to-late summer 12-to-14-inch sprays are pale-to-deep purple. Rabbits and deer loathe lavender, while bees and butterflies enjoy it.



This morning glory-related vine is enchanting. Its 15-foot stems include trumpet-shaped bright-white flowers and deep-green leaves. Cool weather slows moonflower growth, so be patient. For huge blooms, use Giant White.  



Special stock floral scent. Many equate the perfume with cloves, and certain species only smell well at night. It grows up to 3 feet tall, so stake and windproof larger types.

Sweet Alyssum


This low-growing plant blends well into borders, rock gardens, and containers. Its delicate white, apricot, pink, and lavender flowers smell delightful.   

Sweet Pea


Sweet pea is easy to grow and gives delicious cut flowers from April to early October in temperate areas. 4–12-foot climbing annual. Growing it full sun to slight shade.  

Sweet William


Every sweet William stem makes a bouquet! This perennial beauty is European yet has spread over North America.


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