Top 10 Flowers for Harvesting Seeds 

If you're a gardener or seed collector, harvesting flower seeds can be gratifying. Ten flowers with easy-to-harvest seeds are listed.  

Harvesting sunflower seeds is straightforward due to their enormous size. Once the flower head grows and the seeds develop, remove them.  


Once the flower heads dry, marigolds yield many seeds that are easy to gather. Gardeners utilize them as companion plants because to their brilliant hues.  


Zinnias bloom frequently and provide easy-to-harvest seeds. After drying the flower heads, remove the seeds for next season.  


Nasturtium seeds are spherical beads. Dry the seed pods on the plant and harvest the seeds for planting or cooking.  


Cosmos flowers have seed heads. Dry the seed heads on the plant, then preserve the seeds for planting.  


After drying, morning glories' pods contain easy-to-collect seeds. These vines yield colorful flowers.  

Glory Morning   

The dried flower heads of black-eyed Susans yield easy-to-harvest seeds. Their beautiful yellow petals and dark cores are famous.  

Black-eyed Susans

Poppy pods contain seeds that can be harvested after drying. Poppies provide color and whimsy to any garden.  


Small lavender seeds can be gathered when the flower spikes dry. Beautiful scented plants have culinary and medical applications.  


The cone-shaped seed heads of coneflowers make harvesting easy. These hardy perennials attract pollinators and provide seeds for replication.  



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