Top 10 Flashy Flowering Succulents to Grow 

Echeverias are pretty succulents with rosette leaves and bright flowers. They produce exquisite pink, purple, orange, and red bell-shaped blooms on tall stems.  


Aloes are adaptable succulents with hummingbird-attracting tubular blooms and lovely foliage. Many aloe species exhibit long-lasting orange, red, yellow, or pink spikes.  


Colorful succulents Kalanchoes have small, brilliant flowers and robust foliage. Their red, orange, pink, or yellow blossoms make them beautiful houseplants and outdoor ornamentals.  


Butterfly and bee-attracting succulents are little. They are great groundcovers or container plants and bloom pink, red, white, or yellow in late summer to fall.  


Aeoniums are lovely succulents with thick leaf rosettes and towering flower spikes. Flowers in white, yellow, or green enhance succulent arrangements and gardens.  


Jade crassulas have star-shaped pink or white bloom clusters. They grow indoors and outdoors and bloom late winter/early spring.  


The cold-hardy succulent Sempervivum has towering flower stalks and variegated leaf rosettes. Their tiny, star-shaped pink, scarlet, or white blooms make them great rock garden plants.  


Gasterias have tubular blooms, tall stems, and tongue-shaped leaves. Red, orange, or pink blooms make them ideal for indoor or outdoor gardening.  


Architectural succulents like agaves attract pollinators with their lush foliage and long flower spikes. One bloom each lifetime produces towering white, yellow, or green inflorescences.  


Trailing succulents Aptenias have fleshy, heart-shaped leaves and bright pink or purple flowers. They bloom abundantly in spring and summer as groundcovers or hanging basket plants.  


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