Top 10 Fall Blooming Perennials for Your Garden 

This popular fall bloomer has clusters of pink petals that turn coppery in fall. It's drought-tolerant and attracts butterflies and bees.  

Autumn Joy Sedum 

Japanese anemone gives fall gardens elegance with its delicate, cup-shaped blossoms in pink or white. It grows well in partial shade in woodlands.  

Japanese Anemone 

Toad lilies, flowering in late summer to early fall, with orchid-like petals with speckles. These wet, gloomy plants offer charm to woodland gardens.  

Toad Lily 

The classic fall-blooming perennial aster with daisy-like flowers in purple, blue, pink, and white. They attract butterflies and give late-season nectar.  


Russian sage is prized for its fragrant foliage and towering spikes of lavender-blue blooms in July and fall. This drought- and deer-resistant plant is low-maintenance for sunny settings.  

Russian Sage 

Helenium, often known as sneezeweed, has daisy-like red, orange, and yellow flowers in fall. Moisture helps it grow and attract butterflies.  


Goldenrod, wind-pollinated, not insect-pollinated like ragweed, is a useful fall garden plant despite its unfair allergy reputation. Bees and butterflies feed on its beautiful yellow plumes in late season.  


This perennial blooms late summer to early fall with clusters of petite, white daisy-like flowers on long stalks. This pollinator-friendly plant prefers wet soil.  


Japanese windflowers, often known as Japanese anemones, produce lovely, cup-shaped pink or white flowers from late summer to fall. They spread slowly by rhizomes in moderate shade.  

Japanese Windflower 

All fall gardens need chrysanthemums, or mums. These vibrant perennials bloom until October in a variety of hues and patterns.  


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