Top 10 Early Spring Flowering Bushes 

Forsythia flowers bright yellow in spring before its leaves appear. It brings color to the landscape early in the season.  


Red, pink, and white blooms bloom on flowering quince. Its early spring blossoms, frequently before foliage, are spectacular.  

Flowering Quince 

Witch hazel's spidery blossoms provide yellow or crimson to the garden in late winter to early spring. Its remarkable bloom time and wonderful aroma are famous.  

Witch Hazel

In late winter or early spring, pussy willow's fluffy catkins give appeal to the landscape. They give whimsical charm to gardens and floral displays.  

Pussy Willow 

Rhododendrons display huge clusters of pink, purple, white, and red blossoms. Many cultivars bloom in early spring, illuminating the garden.  


Like rhododendrons, azaleas have vivid blooms. They bloom in early to mid-spring in a variety of colors, beautifying the garden.  


Magnolia trees bloom huge, spectacular flowers before the leaves emerge in May. Their fragrant blossoms are white, pink, or purple, depending on the cultivar.  


Early spring lilacs are loved for their fragrant clusters. They provide fragrance to the garden and appear in purple, pink, white, and blue.  


In spring, viburnums bloom fragrantly and produce lovely foliage and fruit. They have varying bloom colors and forms according on species and cultivar.  


Early spring spirea shrubs yield clusters of miniature white, pink, or crimson blooms. They are easy to grow and provide the yard a lovely, airy look.  


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