Top 10 Colorful Ground Cover Plants for Your Garden 

Golden Creeping Jenny

Nickel-size golden leaves make this ground cover the best in brightening dull environments. Plant it in poor soil in full light and water sparingly to control its wandering.  

Double Bird’s Foot Trefoil

Sunrise and sunset lovers will adore this colourful ground cover. Orange buds develop into spectacular double yellow blooms above a tight green mat. Observe the blossoms reddening all summer.  

Scotch Moss

What’s more inviting than a lush chartreuse carpet? Starting in late spring, starry white blooms engulf this plush ground cover, adding to its quaint country charm. 

Red Creeping Thyme

Early-season magenta blossoms fade to old-fashioned pink. The evergreen foliage also darkens and burnishes in autumn.  

Snow in Summer

This silvery ground cover spreads swiftly on sunny, hard-to-mow banks or slopes. Since late spring, snow in summer brings a storm of exquisite white blooms to its fuzzy foliage.  

Purple New Zealand Burr

If you prefer ruby-red leaves, plant this in full sun. For dramatic amethyst foliage, plant it in shade. In summer, cream-colored flowers will emerge. 

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