Top 10 Brand-New Types of Dahlias 

Café au Lait, a dahlia with big, creamy, blush-pink blooms, is not new. Its romantic, dinner-plate-sized flowers keep it appealing.  

Café au Lait 

This dahlia's dark-purple blooms with white tips are intriguing and enchanting.  

Mystic Dreamer 

Babylon Red is ideal for brightening borders and pots with its fiery red blossoms and compact growth.  

Babylon Red 

Lauren Michelle looks lovely and sophisticated with peach-colored blossoms with pink and yellow accents.

Lauren Michelle 

Happy Halloween dahlias, with deep-orange petals and dark cores, are great for fall gardening.  

Happy Halloween 

This dahlia has bicolor flowers with lavender-pink petals that fade to white at the tips, producing a stunning twilight impression.

Twilight Time 

Night Butterfly's dark-purple, almost black blossoms and yellow centers give drama and intrigue to the garden, especially when planted in bulk.  

Night Butterfly 

Labyrinth dahlias have delicate, cactus-like flowers with twisted petals in pink, purple, and white.  


This spidery dahlia cultivar has long, twisted petals in vivid red and yellow, providing a dramatic and entertaining show.  

Hollyhill Spiderwoman 

With delicate lavender-blue blooms and black centers, Hapet Blue Eyes dahlias evoke the fascinating stare of blue-eyed blossoms.  

Hapet Blue Eyes 

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