Top 10 Bearded Iris Flowers for Your Garden

The Beverly Sills bearded iris' soft coral pink petals and light apricot beard have earned beauty honors. This fast-growing, elongated bearded iris grows 32–38 inches. It is prolific mid-season and may rebloom.

Center Line

The pale pink Centre Line bearded iris has ruffled petals, but closer inspection exposes intriguing details: Flowers have dark red-purple veins and orange beards. Flowers scent slightly.

Bernice’s Legacy

There are rare garnet, scarlet, and bronze iris flowers. Late spring and early fall flowers add seasonal cooler. It thrives in harsh sun and drought and grows 24–36 inches.

Many Mahalo

Named after the Hawaiian phrase “many thanks,” it symbolises gardeners' thankfulness as the ruffled petals blossom in late April. Late summer bearded iris blooms are deeper orange than early summer blooms.  

Air of Mystery

Bicolored Air of Mystery flowers have butterscotch standards and violet falls, but that's not their sole appeal. Its petals have orange beards and ruffled brown rims. The 37-inch plant blooms midspring.

Merchant Marine

Plant the rhizomes in fall for beautiful blue mid- to late spring blooms. Yaquina Blue iris descendants like the tall bearded iris have elegant marine blue petals with lots of ruffling.  

Grape Zebra

Purple and white stippled flowers against orange whiskers. Each stem produces five to six flowers, which pollinators enjoy for their colour and size. Its 36-inch height makes this iris beautiful in the backyard.

Harvest of Memories

Harvest of Memories grows tonnes of yellow flowers with arched standards and large falls with a gentle, sweet aroma. Late summer to early fall blooms may follow midspring blooms.  

Blood Moon

Contrasting burgundy and yellow, ruffled borders, and bright orange beards make this mid-to-late-season blooming stand out. Taller iris types like Blood Moon can reach 38 inches.


From its smell to its ruffled petals, Adoregon is lovely. Lilac-blue standards with more colour at the bases, silver-blue falls, and melon-colored beards. Plant in full sun to part shade for midseason bloom.  


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