Thyme Plants: Ornamental and Edible Herbs 

Thyme is a beautiful herb for cooking and decoration. This article covers growing and using six thyme plant kinds to beautify and flavor your yard and kitchen  

Earthy-flavored common thyme is a kitchen staple. Its small, rounded leaves and purple flowers make it attractive.Use it in soups, stews, roasted meats, and sauces.citriodorus   

The common thyme

Its variegated foliage and pastel purple flowers are appealing.Add lemon to salads, marinades, and fish.  

Lemony thyme   

Orange thyme gives food a unique taste and scent.The tiny, light green foliage and pink blossoms make it charming in herb gardens.Sweeten desserts, drinks, marinades, and salad dressings with citrus.  

The fragrant Thymus  

Low-growing creeping thyme forms dense leaf mats for ground cover or garden bed edging.Its small leaves and delicate pink blossoms beautify the yard.  

Thyme creeps 

Silky-gray leaves contrast herb beds, making silver thyme appealing.A mild thyme flavor.Use it to flavor and decorate salads, soups, and roasted vegetables.vulgaris' Variegata  

Silver Thyme   

green leaves and creamy-white borders enhance herb gardens and pots.Tastes like thyme and can be cooked.Herb-infused oils, compound butters, and herb breads look better with it.  

Variegated thyme  


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