The Ultimate Guide to Peony Flower Care 

A Guide to Succes

Location and soil quality matter when planting peony. Choose a sunny site, but partial shade works well in warmer climates.  


Allow ample space between plants—about 3 feet apart—to encourage air circulation and prevent overcrowding. 

Soil Preparation 

Dig a generous planting hole, making sure to loosen the soil well. Mix in organic matter like compost or aged manure to enrich the soil. 

Planting Depth 

Place the root clumps in the hole with the eyes, or growing points, just below the soil surface. Aim for a depth of 1-2 inches to prevent rotting. 

Avoid Deep Planting 

Resist the urge to plant too deeply, as this can hinder growth and flowering. 

Wet weather is ideal for peonies in spring and summer. Keep soil wet but not saturated.  


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