The Secrets To Planting Fruit Trees In The Spring! 

Spring fruit tree planting ensures a plentiful yield. Here are eight spring fruit tree planting tips.  

Choose fruit trees that flourish in your soil and environment. Consider cold hours, disease resistance, and pollination for good growth and abundant fruit.  

Choose the Right Variety  

Fruit trees should be planted in early spring once the ground thaws. This strengthens tree roots before summer heat.  


Choose a sunny, well-drained area for fruit trees. Avoid low-lying areas with chilly air to avoid frost damage.  


Loosen the soil and add compost or old manure before planting. This improves soil structure, drainage, and fertility for root growth.  

Preparing soil  

A large, shallow pit can fit the tree's root system without bending or crowding. If the graft union is above the soil line, put the tree at nursery depth.  

Correct Planting Method 

In drought years, water newly planted fruit plants. Infrequent, deep watering encourages deep root growth and speedier tree establishment.  


To conserve soil moisture, discourage weeds, and stabilise soil temperature, mulch the tree base with wood chips or straw. The mulch should be away from the trunk to avoid moisture issues.  


To maximise fruit harvest, prune fruit trees to remove broken or crossed branches.  

Pruning and Training  


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