The Secrets To Growing Asparagus – How To Plant & Grow Your Own Crop!

The key to producing asparagus is the topic of this week's how-to garden article and podcast. Growing and planting asparagus will produce a wonderful food supply for many years to come!

The Secrets To Growing Asparagus


Asparagus can be planted from crowns or seeds. Asparagus plants that are one to two years old have crowns.

How To Plant – The Secrets To Growing Asparagus


With a crop cycle that lasts 20 years or longer, it's critical to set up your bed area with long-term nutrients. 

Planting Keys For Asparagus:


Rich soil that drains efficiently; stay away from low-lying region Eight hours of sun exposure is ideal for optimum spear formation.

Planting With The Trench Method


The best way to plant asparagus is to use the trench method. To start planting, dig a trench in the ground that is 6 inches deep and 8 inches broad. 

Maintaining The Crop 


As a general rule, after planting, you should begin harvesting the spears the following spring. Some people do harvest a few large spears in the first year.


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