The Best Perennials To Grow In The Shade – Expand Your Growing Areas! 

Beautiful foliage makes hostas popular shade-loving perennials. Hostas give texture and appeal to shaded locations with their variety of sizes, hues, and leaf shapes.  


Astilbes thrive in partial to full shade and have feathery pink, red, white, and lavender flower plumes. Shaded borders benefit from these moisture-loving perennials' color and vertical appeal.  


The heart-shaped flowers on arching stems of bleeding hearts make them charming perennials. They bloom in spring to early summer in partial to full shade, giving romance to shaded landscapes.  

Bleeding Heart 

Ferns are shade-loving perennials in many sizes and patterns. There are ferns for every shady garden area, from delicate maidenhair to strong ostrich.  


Lungworts are low-maintenance perennials with spotted leaves and tubular pink, blue, or white blooms. They grow in partial to full shade and brighten shady borders.  


Coral bells are valued for their green, purple, copper, and silver foliage. Shade-tolerant perennials create delicate spring and summer flower spikes.  

Coral Bells 

This decorative grass grows in moderate to full shade and offers complexity and movement with its cascading, arching foliage. Japanese wild grass looks great in pots or masses.  

Japanese Forest Grass 

Japanese painted fern is a beautiful shade-loving perennial with silver-gray foliage and purple stems. Plant it in wet, well-drained soil for optimal results.  

Japanese Painted Fern 

Hellebores, or Lenten roses, bloom early in partial to full shade. Their cup-shaped, nodding flowers are white, pink, purple, and green.  


The low-growing perennial bugleweed has glossy foliage and spikes of blue, purple, or white flowers. It quickly forms dense ground cover in shaded locations.  


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