The Beauty Of Creeping Phlox – How To Plant & Maintain Creeping Phlox!

Climbing phlox is a great way to add a vibrant ground covering perennial to your landscape because it's easy to plant, care for, and maintain.

1. All About Creeping Phlox 

Creeping Phlox is hardy in growing zones 4 through 9. (You can find your Growing Zone Here.) The foliage will die back during the wintertime and come back again during the early spring. 

2. Soil Requirements for Creeping Phlox

Fortunately, creeping phlox doesn't particularly care about the condition of the soil. However, for creeping phlox to thrive, the soil needs to drain well.

3. Planting – The Beauty Of Creeping Phlox 

Growing creeping phlox from seed, transplants, or cuttings is rather simple. Plants grown from seed must be started indoors approximately two months prior to the last date of frost.

4. Watering

If you haven't had any rain, you only need to water your creeping phlox once a week. Try to get one inch of water every seven days. 

5. Fertilizing

Fertilize your creeping phlox either in the late winter or early spring. This will help promote better growth as well as increase the nutrients available for blooms. For best results, use an all-purpose, slow-releasing fertilizer.  

6. Pruning

Pruning creeping phlox is actually not necessary unless you want to tidy the area where it is growing. 


Adding creeping phlox to your landscaping is a wonderful method to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. 


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