The Amazing Perennial That Blooms All Summer Long – How To Grow Blanket Flower!

A perennial that is very simple to grow, blanket flowers may add gorgeous blossoms and color to your flowerbeds. Even better, it has continuous summertime blooming, unlike other flowering perennials!

1. Blanket Flowers As A Companion Plant

Blanket Flower is one of the best companion perennials around, with continuous cycles of bloom. It goes very well with native American favorites like echinacea.

2. How To Grow Blanket Flowers

When it comes to cultivating blanket flowers, there are many different variations. However, broadly speaking, they can be divided into three main categories: 

3. How To Plant, Grow, And Maintain Blanket Flower

Bright, vivid hues abound in the 2 to 4-inch blooms of Blanket Flowers. Their likeness to traditional Native American textiles and textile patterns is essentially how they got their name.  

4. Soil Requirements for Gaillardia Grandiflora

Surprisingly, blanket flowers do well in unsatisfactory soil. They can grow rather well in rocky embankments, infertile soil, and even soil with low nutrient values. 

5. Planting Blanket Flowers

Gaillardia grows well from seed or transplants. Grown in USDA growth zones 3 through 10, the perennial is resilient. In actuality, their popularity is rising faster than before.

6. Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Blanket Flower seeds indoors is preferable than direct sowing. After being planted in the containers, it will take the seeds 4 to 5 months to reach a size large enough to blooms. 

7. Planting Transplants

The proper soil temperature must be reached before planting, regardless of whether you are planting freshly acquired nursery plants or seedlings you raised from seed. 

8. Watering

As was already noted, blanket flowers are very resistant to drought. The natural rainfall that occurs in the soil once plants are established is nearly always sufficient to keep them hydrated. 

9. Pruning & Thinning

Deadheading gaillardia flowers is not necessary for them to keep blooming. However, as the season goes on, doing so may help foster the formation of more blooms. 

10. Overwintering

Although they are grown as perennials, blanket flowers have a short lifespan. Cut them down to approximately 6 inches in late October, before the first frost appears, if you want to overwinter them.  


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