The 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow From Seed 

Gardening from seed is enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. Ten easy-to-grow vegetables from seed  

Leaf harvesting begins in a few weeks after lettuce seeds germinate. They're also forgiving to new gardeners.  


One of the fastest-growing vegetables, radishes can be harvested in a month. They need little room and thrive in chilly weather.  


Green beans yield well and require little care. They thrive in pots and garden beds and are ideal for novices.  

Beans green  

In warm temperatures, cucumber vines grow quickly and yield abundantly. They grow well in huge containers or in the ground.  


Zucchini thrive in many climates. They are easy to tend for but like warm weather and fertile soil.  


Spinach grows nicely from seed in chilly weather. It's nutritious and can be picked consistently by plucking outer leaves.  


Growing carrots from seed in spring or fall is easy. They thrive in pots or raised beds with loose, well-draining soil.  


Cool-season peas thrive in spring or October. Easily grown from seed, they may climb a trellis or support system.  


Beginning gardeners like tomatoes, which are fruits. Many types can be planted in pots or garden beds with support.  


Growing bell peppers from seed indoors before transplanting outside is simple. They need warm, well-draining soil.  

Bell Peppers  


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