Stock Flower Care and Growing Tips 

Any garden can benefit from stock flowers' stunning blossoms and fragrant aroma. Stock flower care and growth tips  

Stock flowers love full sun to partial shade. Give them 6 hours of sunlight daily. Plant them in organic, well-drained soil.  

Select a Location  

Stock flower seeds or seedlings should be planted in early spring after the last frost. Plant them in soil about 55°F (13°C) because they like cool weather.

Planting Time  

Regularly deadhead spent flowers to promote blooming. This cleans the plant and redirects energy to blooming. Pruning leggy or wasted stems promotes bushier growth.  

Pruning, deadheading  

To allow growth, space stock plants 8-12 inches apart. Good air circulation prevents diseases.  


Maintain moist but not saturated soil. When the top inch of soil seems dry, water deeply. Never water upwards; water at the plant's base to avoid fungal diseases.  


Regularly deadhead wasted blooms to promote season-long blooming. This helps the plant look clean and avoids seed formation. To promote bushier growth, trim leggy growth.  



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