Rob Van Dam Looks Back On Time In Newer WWE Incarnation Of ECW

Due to its status as the most prominent corporation of its time, ECW had a loyal fanbase when it went bankrupt in 2001. WWE reinstated ECW as a third brand in 2006, and after two successful One Night Stand pay-per-views in 2005 and 2006, things looked good.   

ECW great Rob Van Dam said on the "1 Of A Kind" podcast that the brand started strong but ended up devastated.  

"When we first brought ECW back, it was cool," RVD. "People forget that I had amazing matches with Test, Bob Holly, Big Show, and Sabu in the new ECW.  

Some people forget about those for a few months, then destroy it.  

Maybe they always wanted to, maybe they were split, maybe some wanted to do this, some wanted to do that, and maybe some wanted to recover it to bury it."  

After defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship at One Night Stand 2006, Paul Heyman named RVD the inaugural ECW Champion of the new era.   

After being arrested for drug possession in July 2006, Van Dam lost both titles in two days.  


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