Plant Native  to FirebushAttract Hummingbirds

Planting native firebush for hummingbirds requires horticultural care and ecological stewardship. Let's see the comprehensive steps

Sunlight is best for firebush. For growth, keep soil well-drained and slightly acidic to neutral.  

Site Selection for Planting  

Preparing soil before planting is key. Break up compacted dirt to 12 inches. Compost or well-rotted manure improves soil fertility and root development wetness.  

Prepare Soil  

Choose healthy, vigorous firebush from a nursery or garden center. Check for pests and disease to guarantee vibrant, uncolored leaves. Carefully remove the plant from its container to inspect its roots.   

Choosing Healthy Plants  

In prepared soil, dig a hole larger and deeper than the firebush plant's root ball. The depth should not crowd or deform the root system. Give the plant room to grow.  

Digging the Planting Hole  

Carefully place the firebush plant in the hole at the same level. Use care to press soil into the hole to remove air pockets around the roots. Water the plant after planting to settle the soil and hydrate the roots.  

Planting Firebush  

Add organic mulch to the firebush plant's base, leaving a few inches around the stem to prevent moisture issues.   



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