Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find three hidden stars in the picture in 8 seconds!

This illustration is by Hungarian visual artist Dudolf.The photo above shows a winter scene with different-shaped snowflakes.  

The task for the readers is to locate three concealed stars within the image within eight seconds. Are you able to succeed?  

This is the beginning of your time! This easy task will help you determine how good your visual acuity is.  

Examine the picture closely. Somewhere in the image are the three stars that are hidden.  Have you managed to find them?  

Only the keenest readers will be able to identify the stars more quickly than others. Examine every section of the picture carefully.  

Put an end to your search immediately! The most perceptive readers are those who have identified the stars.  

If any of you still can't see the stars, take a look at the answer above.  

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