Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find three hidden boys in the village in 9 seconds!

Three girls are seen in front of a bridge in this image from a village.  However, they are not the only people in the image.  

This photo also features three lads who are hiding. In nine seconds, can you find the three lads who are concealed in the village?  

Take on this challenging task to test your eye strength. This is the beginning of your time! Examine the picture closely.  

The three hidden boys will only be revealed to the keenest readers in the allotted period. Have you managed to find them?  

It is difficult for the normal reader to see them at first glance because of how well they have blended with the image.  Take one last, careful look over every section of the picture.  

You can stop searching now if you're still having trouble finding the three boys; the solution is provided above.  

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