Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find a bird in the picture in 4 seconds!

A group of trees can be spotted along a hill in the outdoor image described above. This image shows a bird lurking in plain sight.   

The readers' task is to locate the bird in four seconds or less.  This task will test your visual acuity. This is the beginning of your time!  

Have you managed to see it? The bird will only be seen by the keenest readers; others will not be able to see it at all.  

Still no luck? Examine every section of the picture carefully; you could strike it fortunate this time.  

The time is up. Put an end to your search immediately! The number of people who have seen the bird is?  

The readers with the highest level of visual acuity are those who have successfully spotted the bird.  

Check out the solution above if any of you haven't been able to identify it by now.  

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