Meet the Tiny Fiery Skipper Butterfly

The fiery skipper is one of the smallest skipper butterflies. Discover fiery skipper caterpillars and host plants.  

What Does a Fiery Skipper Look Like? 

Male fiery skippers have brighter orange and dark, irregular borders, while females have dull orange. Look for short, knobby butterfly antennae if you can get close.


Is a Fiery Skipper a Butterfly or a Moth?

You may mistake a skipper for a moth. "Though they're butterflies, they have moth traits," notes Birds & Blooms writer Jill Stake. “Many scientists call them a ‘in-between’ insect.”


Fiery Skipper Range and Habitat

The southern US, Central and South America are home to these little butterflies. They visit the northern US in summer and leave when it becomes cold.


Host Plants and Caterpillar

These small skippers lay pearl-like white eggs on Bermuda grass, crabgrass, and St. Augustine's, as Jill noted. As they grow, caterpillars feed and shelter in grass. Silk-tying caterpillars roll grasses.


As soon as you spot a fiery skipper caterpillar, you can very well rule it out. The caterpillar is initially green, but it soon turns brown.   


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