Lilac Bush Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do 

Why Won’t My Lilac Bush Bloom?

Pruning may be the answer, among others. Lilacs bloom on last year's growth, so cut them shortly after spring blossoming. 


Consider the age of your lilac bush, which may be a tree. The lilac blooms best on young wood. A lilac with mostly old wood will have few blooms.  

Other Reasons Lilac Bush is Not Blooming

Six hours of sun a day is ideal for lilacs. Even partial shadow won't help your lilac, so make sure neighbouring trees aren't blocking its sun.  

When a Lilac Bush Never Flower

Many lilac varieties don't blossom for five years after planting. Until your baby lilac bush matures and blooms, patience may be your only option.  

Pruned at the wrong time

After the current flowers die, lilacs develop next year's buds. Late summer pruning of blossoming lilacs removes the year's blossoms.  

Too much shade

For beautiful flowers, lilacs need six hours of sunlight daily. The lilac may have been shaded by other trees over time. Maybe you planted it in too much shadow.  

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