Knock Out Roses Are a Gardener’s Dream Come True 

Knock Out roses withstand black spot, powdery mildew, and rust. This resistance reduces chemical treatments, making them easier to care for.  

Disease Resistance 

This rose requires less care than regular roses. They bloom without deadheading and self-clean by dropping old flowers.  

Low Maintenance 

Knock Out roses bloom constantly from spring to fall, adding color to the garden. Since they don't need deadheading, they bloom without much effort from the gardener.  

Continuous Blooms 

Knock Out roses tolerate drought once grown. They can tolerate dry weather without stress, but they need regular watering.  

Drought Tolerance 

These roses grow well in many circumstances. They tolerate full sun to light shade and vary in soil type, but prefer well-draining soil.  


Hardy in USDA zones 5-10, Knock Out roses thrive in many climates. They're reliable year-round since they can handle winter cold and summer heat.  


Knock Out roses repel aphids and Japanese beetles, but no plant is pest-proof. This minimizes garden pesticide use.  

Pest Resistance 

Knock Out roses come in red, pink, yellow, and coral. The single and double flower forms offer possibilities for varied garden plans and tastes.  


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