Is a Donkey Tail Succulent Invasive? 

In houseplant and container settings, the Donkey Tail succulent (Sedum morganianum or Burro's Tail) is not invasive. In Mexico and Honduras, it can spread and naturalize under certain conditions.  

Outdoor Donkey Tail succulents, especially in mild climates, can proliferate if not confined.   

They proliferate mostly through stem cuttings that root easily in soil. Broken stems or leaves can also sprout into new plants, which may help them spread under favorable conditions.  

To avoid Donkey Tail succulents growing invasive in your garden or landscape, cultivate them in containers or hanging baskets.   

They prefer well-draining soil and can have root rot if overwatered, thus this helps manage their hydration and soil conditions.  

Donkey Tail succulents can spread, so be careful when growing them outdoors in a garden or landscape.   

To prevent overhanging stems from roots where they touch the soil, trim them regularly and watch for naturalization or spread. 

Donkey Tail succulents may spread in some environments, but they are not invasive like other plants. They provide stunning, low-maintenance additions to indoor and outdoor landscapes with proper care.  

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