Identify and Attract a Long-Tailed Skipper Butterfly 

Getting long-tailed skipper butterflies in your garden is wonderful. Here's how to spot and attract them.  

Some plants breed long-tailed skipper butterflies. After hatching, larvae devour vegetation. Common hosts include beans, peas, and Fabaceae including clover and alfalfa. Place these in your garden to attract them.  

Host plants  

Flower nectar is eaten by adult long-tailed skippers. They like tubular pentas, lantana, verbena, and salvia. Grow nectar-rich flowers for them.  

Provide Nectar Plants 

Garden sun is essential for long-tailed skippers to warm up. Give them shelter from strong winds and predators.  

Provide Sun and Shelter  

Pesticides can harm butterfly eggs and adults. Avoid chemical insecticides in your garden since they kill butterflies and caterpillars.  

Avoid Pesticides  

Garden water helps long-tailed skippers, like many butterflies. They can get water from shallow dishes or dirt.  

Give Water  

Spring-to-fall flower gardens attract long-tailed skippers. Create a butterfly garden with host, nectar, water, and shelter plants to attract and maintain these beautiful butterflies.  

Make Butterfly-Friendly  


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