How to Treat Black Spot and Rose Rosette Disease 

In order to effectively treat black spot and rose rosette disease, multiple treatments are required.  

Infected leaves and canes should be removed and destroyed as soon as possible. In this way, the disease is prevented from spreading further.  

Cutting back  

Apply fungicides that are designated for black spot control on a consistent basis. Fungicides that contain chlorothalonil or copper are frequently successful in controlling fungal infections.  


In order to limit the growth of fungi, it is important to ensure that there is adequate space between plants. This will allow air to circulate and reduce humidity.  

A healthy circulation of air  

To prevent the leaves from drying out, water the plants at the base. Watering from above should be avoided since wet leaves can encourage the growth of fungi.  

To irrigate  

When you want to prevent spores from the soil from splashing onto the foliage of the plants, you should apply organic mulch around the base of the plants.  

Using Mulch  


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