How to Test Your Soil pH and Texture at Home

You may test your soil pH and texture at home to evaluate its health and which plants will thrive there. How to do it  

These are available at most gardening stores and online. They usually include everything you need to test soil pH.  

Buy soil pH testing kit.  

Collect soil from your garden or yard with a trowel or shovel. To determine your soil's pH, take samples from multiple sites.  

Collect soil samples  

Remove pebbles, sticks, and roots from soil samples. If soil is damp, break up clumps and air-dry.  

Prepare soil  

Some kits have somewhat different instructions, so read and follow them. To assess soil pH, mix it with a test solution and compare the color change to the kit's chart.  

Comply with kit instructions  

Your soil pH will be determined after the test. Acidic pH is below 7, alkaline pH is above 7. Most plants require 6–7 pH, slightly acidic to neutral.  

Interpret results  


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