How To Stop Chipmunks From Digging Up Flowers – 5 Natural & Safe Methods!

Are you looking for a few safe strategies to prevent chipmunks from destroying your flowerbeds and flowers?

1. Plant Flowers Chipmunks Don’t Like  

Like all other animals, chipmunks typically have a taste for certain foods. They have a penchant for some foods, like roots and bulbs, as well as veggies and seeds.

2. Don’t Invite Them In 

Like other animals, chipmunks have preferences for the kind of lives they lead. 

3. Turn to Homemade and Natural Repellents 

Repellents function similarly to flowers that are generally disliked by chipmunks and other rodents. 

4. Instill Natural Fear

Because they are a part of the animal kingdom's natural order of dominance, chipmunks are constantly alert to potential threats. 

5. Install Fence and Netting 

Not to mention, if you want to help keep the chipmunks out of your garden or land, you can erect a fence around it. Remember that chipmunks can get over standard fences.

In Conclusion 

Remember that to effectively stop chipmunks, you may need to utilize a combination of these strategies. 


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