How To Start Seeds Indoors – The Simple Secrets To Grow Great Plants!

This week’s how-to garden article and corresponding podcast are all about starting your garden seeds indoors. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to start your own vegetable and flower seeds.

Why Start Your Own Seeds Indoors?


Let’s face it, purchasing transplants can get rather expensive, especially when you are talking about buying entire flats of plants! Meanwhile, it’s usually only a few dollars to purchase an entire packet of seeds.

What You Don’t Need


It is not necessary to have expensive equipment in order to start your own seeds indoors, despite what you may see in stores or online.

What You Do Need


After learning what you don't need to purchase, let's take a look at the things you should always have on hand.

Ordering Your Seeds


If you plan to start your own seeds indoors, you might want to consider ordering your seeds and other supplies early because items may be limited or hard to find.

When To Start Seeds Indoors


The most important question of all is generally when to start seeds, but try not to let it paralyze you. Your Last Spring Frost Date will determine when to start your seeds. 

One Thing To Keep In Mind 


Remember that not every crop needs to be started inside. Certain plants genuinely require direct sowing. 

Seed Starting Soil Mix 


Make sure the soil mix you use for starting seeds is of the highest caliber. Fertile and lightweight soil are required.  

Making Your Own Seed Starting Soil Mix


With just four basic ingredients—potting soil devoid of fertilizer, finely screened compost, perlite, and worm castings—you can simply build your own seed starting soil mix. 

Preparing Growing Cells 


Next, you need to purchase the seed trays that you'll be utilizing to grow your seeds. Because 72 cell trays are just too small for plants to grow to their full potential.

Hardening Plants Off Before Planting


Planting your plants outside right after taking them indoors is something to avoid doing. 


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