How To Prepare Raised Beds For Planting In The Spring 

Spring raised bed preparation ensures a good farming season. Prepare your raised beds with this step-by-step guide.

Remove last season's garbage, weeds, and plants. This keeps pests and pathogens away.  

Clear the Bed  

Gently loosen raised bed soil with a garden fork or shovel. This increases drainage and aerates soil, especially in raised beds.  

Loosen soil  

Fertilise soil with compost or old manure. Cover the bed with compost and rake it into the top few inches.  

Alter Soil  

Test the soil's pH and nutrients. This helps you decide what amendments specific plants need.  

Check the Soil  

Level the raised bed soil with a rake. This makes planting and gardening easier by creating a homogeneous planting surface.  

Smooth it out  

Organic mulch like straw or shredded leaves helps retain moisture, inhibit weeds, and regulate soil temperature.  

Make Bed Mulch  

To support tomatoes and peppers, place trellises or stakes in the raised bed before planting.  

Establish Supports  

Water the raised bed thoroughly to settle the dirt and prepare it for planting.  

Hydrate Bed  


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