How To Make Container Plants From Perennials – Add Beauty & Charm, For Free!

The to pic of this week's how-to garden article ad podcast is creating gorgeous container plants out of perennials!  

Why Use Perennials To Make Container Plants


You are aware of how costly it may be if you have ever bought annual plants for your hanging pots or other containers.

Low Maintenance Potted Perennials


Perennials require less maintenance than annuals, in addition to being more affordable. All the energy and nutrients are concentrated into one growing season for annuals. 

Containers To Use


Potted plants significantly improve the appearance of a patio, porch, or deck. Finding containers that will hold your perennial plants to make a great impact is simple because you have so many alternatives at your disposal. 

Potting Soil


Perennials, as mentioned earlier, are less fussy about the type of soil you use in containers than annuals. Use a basic mixture of ⅓ garden soil, compost, and potting soil.  

Where To Get The Plants


There are essentially two methods for locating perennials for your planters. Using the perennials that are already growing on your property is the first and simplest option.  



You don't want to simply store your potted perennial in your garage at the end of the growth season and forget about it until spring.

Types Of Perennial Varieties To Use


When it comes to choosing perennials for container gardening, there are a tonne of alternatives available. These are some suggestions to help you start thinking about the design of your displays. 

Shade-Loving Perennials


Hostas are among the greatest shade-loving perennials for container gardening. Though they are not a particularly prolific flowering perennial, their exquisite foliage more than makes up for it. 

Sun-Loving Perennials


Perennials that love the sun have a far broader list than those that do not. Two examples of blooming perennials that provide a ton of color to pots are salvia and sedum. 

Perennial Herbs


Don't confine your thoughts to those of perennial plants alone. Many perennial herbs are also quite good in pots and other containers.  


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