How To Make Compost For A Great Garden – Inexpensively & Easily!

The topic of this week's how-to garden article and podcast is creating amazing compost to aid in growing a fantastic garden!

1. The Many Ways To Use Compost

Your plants might gain from an increase in nutrients in a variety of ways, even though you might only consider utilizing compost in your garden.  

2. Things To Consider

In actuality, all materials eventually decompose into compost. Some simply break down more quickly than others. 

3. How To Make Great Compost

Knowing why compost is a fantastic complement to gardening and planting, let's get to know how to make it! You'll see that it's not as hard as you might imagine! 

4. What Type Of Container To Use

For composting, there are a wide variety of container alternatives available. Buying a pre-made container—typically a plastic tumbler or barrel—is one way.  

5. Getting The Right Mix Of Materials

A compost pile needs to have the right amount of Brown and Green materials in order to be most beneficial. Though it all sounds complicated, it's really very easy.  

6. The Right Ratio Of Materials

There is a basic ratio to remember, but composting doesn't have to be hard or complicated. One green material for every four brown materials is what you desire.  

7. Where To Get Compost Materials

The fact that gathering the ingredients doesn't cost you a penny is the nicest thing about composting at home. Yard debris and kitchen leftovers also make great compost piles.   

8. What Not To Add To A Make A Great Compost Pile

Aside from the tree products described above, there are other items you want to avoid putting to your compost pile even though all materials eventually degrade. 

9. The Right Sized Pile

As mentioned before, too-small materials in a compost pile will never "heat up" enough to decompose quickly. Additionally, if the mound gets too big, it becomes difficult to turn and combine.  

In Conclusion 

Yes, everything deteriorates over time. However, if you spend a few minutes to complete these simple steps, you can quickly make great compost that will power your plants and maintain their beautiful. 


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