How To Make And Use Compost Tea – The Best All-Natural Fertilizer Around!

In response, Roger Cook says that compost tea is a naturally occurring liquid fertilizer that is rich in nutrients and helpful bacteria and gets to the roots sooner than regular compost.

Step 1:- Add the Tubing

Irrigation tubing with a ⅜-inch diameter should be cut and bent into a ring that fits into the barrel's bottom. 

Step 2:- Place the Lid

Create a hole measuring ⅜ inch in the barrel lid, then insert the irrigation tubing through it. A cheesecloth or nylon-mesh bag should be filled with roughly. 

Create a hole . seven pounds of seasoned compost. To suspend the bag in the middle of the barrel.

Step 3:- Let it Brew

Attach the barrel's downspout to it. The aerator should be fastened to the end of the tubing that emerges from the barrel using a stainless-steel hose clamp. 

Step 4:- Spray the Lawn

Use a pump sprayer to saturate the grass with tea for lawns that are 400 square feet or smaller. For larger lawns, use a walk-behind or backpack sprayer. 


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