How To Keep Your Garden Weed Free – 4 Simple Steps To Eliminate Weeding Chores!

The topic of this week's how-to garden article and podcast is keeping your garden weed-free. Maybe you're asking yourself, is it even possible?

1 Stop Tilling and Hoeing

Yes, you read correctly. The majority of weed problems in gardens are really caused by overworking the soil and "planting" the seeds.   

2 The Bare Soil Problem  

Preventing weed seeds from ever taking up residence in the soil is the first step towards maintaining a weed-free garden. And applying mulch is necessary for that.

3 Be Consistent 

Consistency is the one thing that can keep weeds out of your garden. as in consistently checking on it as frequently as you are able.  

4 Using A Fall Cover Crop 

The best solution to weeds is to plant cover crops. They keep weed seeds from taking up residence in your barren soil in addition to protecting and revitalizing the garden soil.

Keeping The Garden Covered Year Round

The easiest way to keep the soil covered in your garden all year long is to use a combination of mulch. 


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