How To Keep Aphids Off Your Houseplants – 5 Simple Methods That Work! 

Check plants for aphids often. Find little, soft-bodied insect groups on plants, stems, and buds. Hand-pull or spray aphids with a hose or spray bottle.

Regular Inspection and Removal 

Get rid of damaged leaves, stems, and buds. Getting rid of aphids and improving air circulation makes the plant less inviting.

Pruning Infested Parts 

Aphids can be controlled by ladybugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps in indoor gardens. These insects devour aphids to control populations. You may buy these beneficial insects online or in gardening stores.

Introduce Beneficial Insects 

Water a mild liquid soap like castile. To thoroughly cover aphids, spray it on the plant immediately. Aphids die from soap suffocation. Test the solution on a small plant section first to avoid damage.

Homemade Insecticidal Soap 

Aphid feeding and reproduction are affected by neem oil. Neem oil should be diluted with water and sprayed on affected plants, per packaging. Apply every 7-14 days until aphids disappear.

Neem Oil Spray 

If you use these tips when you take care of your plants, you can keep aphids off of your flowers and keep them healthy and beautiful.


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