How To Grow Herbs Indoors – 8 Amazing Herbs For Year Round Flavor! 

Indoor basil thrives under warm, sunny conditions. Plant your basil in a sunny window with 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. Cut the stem tops occasionally and keep the soil damp but not soggy to encourage bushy growth.  


Parsley is a versatile indoor herb that needs moderate light. It prefers permeable soil and irrigation. From the outside in, gather parsley leaves to promote growth.  


They add a subtle onion flavor to foods and are easy to grow indoors. Regular watering and sun exposure keep chive soil wet. Trim leaves as needed but don't cut more than one-third of the plant to maintain growth.  


Mint grows swiftly indoors in strong light. Plant mint in a well-draining pot to avoid waterlogging. It likes slightly damp soil. Trim mint to avoid legginess and remove leaves often for flavor.  


Grow hardy rosemary indoors in broad sunlight. Put your rosemary plant in a south-facing window with 6 hours of sunlight. Rosemary like dry soil, so water less.  


Indoor thyme thrives under moderate light and takes minimal care. Thyme needs well-draining soil and watering when the top inch is dry. Thin stems for bushy growth and harvest thyme leaves for cooking.  


Freshening with cilantro is popular. It thrives inside under bright, indirect light and lower temperatures. Keep soil moist and harvest cilantro leaves regularly to stimulate growth.  


Oregano grows indoors in bright sunshine. Put oregano in well-draining soil and water until the top inch is dry. Trim oregano stems to encourage bushy growth and harvest leaves for cooking.  


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