How to Grow and Care for Alstroemeria Flowers 

Alstroemeria flowers, often known as Peruvian lilies or Inca lily, are rewarding to grow. This guide can help  

They like full sun to partial shade. They like healthy, well-draining soil with organic stuff.  

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Plant Alstroemeria bulbs or rhizomes in spring or fall. Plant them 6–8 inches deep and 12–18 inches apart.  


Maintain moist but not saturated soil. When the top inch of soil seems dry, water deeply. Hot weather may require extra watering.  


Balanced fertiliser should be applied to Alstroemerias throughout the growing season. The fertiliser package specifies application rates.  


Plants benefit from mulching to conserve moisture and control weeds. Organic mulches like compost or crushed bark work best.  


In bloom, alstroemeria stems are floppy. Stake the plants or grow them near other plants that can support them.  



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