How To Cut Back & Divide Ornamental Grasses In Early Spring!

Early spring trimming and dividing ornamental grasses rejuvenates and promotes healthy growth. Step-by-step instructions

Cutting down and dividing ornamental grasses in spring before new growth begins is preferable. This is usually around late February to early April, depending on your climate.  

Select the Right Time  

Geraniums should be planted 12–18 inches apart, depending on variety. Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball and backfill with nutrient-rich compost or organic debris.  


Sharp pruning shears or hedge trimmers, gloves, a garden fork or shovel for separating, and a tarp or wheelbarrow for trimmings are needed for this task.  

Get Tools

Rope or tie the grass around the base for easier handling. Use sharp pruning shears or hedge trimmers to cut the grass a few inches high. Avoid plant damage by cutting cleanly.   

Cut Back Grasses  

Divide big clumps of ornamental grass every few years to renew and prevent overcrowding. Carefully dig around the grass clump to loosen the dirt and roots with a garden fork or shovel.  

Dividing Grasses  

For each separated portion, dig a slightly larger hole than the root ball. Put the part in the hole and carefully firm the soil around the roots. Water newly planted divisions thoroughly to settle the soil and promote growth.  


Maintain ornamental grasses throughout the growth season after cutting back and splitting them. Watering during dry periods, mulching to conserve moisture and reduce weeds, and fertilising as needed.  



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