How To Collect And Use Rain Water – And Why It’s Better For Your Plants!

This weeks how-to garden article and corresponding podcast is all about how to collect and use rain water for watering your flowers, garden and more!

1. Why Rain Water Is A Great Choice 

Beyond saving on your water bill or conserving the water from your home well, using rain water to hydrate your plants can be a much safer and healthier option for your plants.

2. How To Collect Rainwater Safely & Easily

Rainwater collection and utilization can be made as easy or complex as you like. Undoubtedly, it doesn't have to be expensive. 

3. Know Your Roof 

Because there is less chance of water contamination, metal roofs are ideal for collecting rainwater. Shingle roofs are functional.

4. How To Store Water Safely 

As long as the vessel is hygienic and capable of securely holding water, the possibilities for storage are endless. A range of store-bought or handcrafted containers can be used. 

5. Watering Plants 

You can attach a hose straight to the system or have a spigot for manually filling watering cans, depending on which one you choose. In order to pump water wherever it's needed.


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